God thinks you are wonderful. Do you have to change for that? Wooden sign

‘Change’ is a topic that keeps coming back to me in the last period. Since a long time, I have a strong interest in change management because everywhere time is moving on and we all change as human beings and as organisations. Sometimes known and unknown.

Within organizations, many projects are being launched that should lead to change, but unfortunately, the minority of those changes is successful, and so the vast majority is a failure… unless learned from it.

Not failed

Thomas Edison, one of the world’s most famous inventors once said, “I have not failed. I’ve only found 10,000 ways that do not work’.

Some people have a huge hatred to change and prefer to sit where they are at, preferably in a stable environment within their comfort zone. Others would like to change, but are afraid to fail and therefore stay wherever they are. Yet another group of people tries to change but eventually returns to their old pattern and the last group are people who love to change, who come up with new ideas and look for something different. People who always set new goals!

As humans we change, that’s a fact

Our thoughts have an impact on changing. On all we dream, dare and do. On what we see, find, think and say. The way I think is everything, but who challenges me in thinking what I think? Who or what do you challenge? How do you look at yourself? Do you like yourself? Do you think you’re better than others? Or do you struggle with yourself and see yourself as inferior, as a failure?

I think we all have experienced something from the above, right? But how would life be if you realize every day you’re wonderful? Imagine that.. or better say take a few seconds and say to yourself, “I’m awesome!” Because that’s how God sees you. His focus is not on your failure and trying again but on the fact that He finds you a great person.

Triggered? Take half an hour to watch this Youtube video from Joyce Meyer. Are you busy? The fact that you are wonderful, never changes! That’s worth half an hour, isn’t it?

Have a great week! We look forward to your comments.

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