Willem & Wendy working with Tearfund - new adventure

Yes! The new adventure starts, you could read more about it a couple of weeks ago, but now we are really ready… First we had a lovely time with our direct family in the Netherlands and visiting our community Perspectief. And now, after almost two weeks of briefings at the headquarters of Tearfund in London, we leave tonight via Turkey to Iraq: our new home for the coming two years. We realise that this will be an immense challenge and undertaking, but we feel extremely relaxed, energetic and blessed by our ‘Papa’. We look forward to it.

There is a lot we want to share, but we cannot always share it. That is why some updates will be more general and will have no details. This is in regards to the safety of the programme, ourselves and our local colleagues. But we are able to tell a little bit more of what we will be doing.

Which adventure are we taking with Tearfund?

Tearfund works in different locations in Iraq where we bring aid to the returning refugees (returnees) who return to their former ‘homes’. We work with cash-programming (so that people can spend where most urgent), water & sanitation projects, psychosocial and peacebuilding programmes. More details will follow later, when we’ve seen it in action ourselves.

What will we be doing? 

Willem is Iraq response director. This is just as his former job in Nepal the same as Country Director: responsible for the programme in Iraq, the strategy, the security, and thousand and one more things. Fortunately he’s a star in delegating, so don’t worry :-).

Wendy is Grants & Information Coordinator. She will coordinate the grants of institutional donors (the biggest donor is currently OFDA/USAID). With this coordination she will be a spider in the web for collecting information, making reports and proposals and keep an eye on the timelines and she will also be involved in information coordination.


Getting to know Tearfund: 
Briefings at headquarters: 
Bags packed: 
Checked in: 
Ready for take off to our new adventure!

Want to know more about Iraq?

We can of course write a whole story about Iraq, but you can find quite some information online. For example on Wikipedia. 

Thanks for your support! We’ll write more soon…

Did you know that London has a lot more to it than the sight seeing of old buildings and monuments in the city? We have seen a whole different side this time: Richmond Park. This is also London:

Deer in Richmond Park in London - het begin van ons avontuur

Find the deer, there are quite some 🙂

Wendy in Richmond Park in London - het begin van ons nieuwe avontuur


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