In recent weeks we worked hard on a new project proposal, together with our team. Our current project consists of the reconstruction of 310 houses including sanitation, that are based in Ward 3 and 6 of the village of Bijulikot in the Ramechhap District. The project goes as a rocket. The cooperation between the local people, the national implementation partner and Medair was recently mentioned as an example by the National Reconstruction Authority (partner of the government).

We see that we can make a difference and therefore decided to write a new project proposal for the surrounding wards. Each village has nine wards. This would mean that Medair would support the reconstruction of 1,263 houses in total, including sanitation. This support relates in particular to coordination, financial advice, transport, technical support, giving training and on-the-job coaching.

Last Sunday we visited our biggest donor Swiss Solidarity. Unfortunately, due to lack of time, we were unable to visit our project and therefore we made a video (which will be shared later), which allowed us to showcase the project digitally whilst staying in Kathmandu. The donor was very impressed and asked us if we could not support the surrounding wards. What? Really? We were intending to submit our proposal to them but did not expect the question to come from them too. Last week, all the documents (and believe me this is a lot of work) are sent and at the end of March we know if they can actually support it and are agreeing to our proposal.

We are grateful that working together with the team goes so well and at the same time, we also feel that it’s time for a break .. And not just any holiday…

Coming Monday we fly with a few (ex) Medair colleagues to Lukla (please Google it) and from there we climb to Gokyo-Ri to a height of 5400 meters in about five to six days. Surrounded by mountains such as Mount Everest this promises to be a great challenging journey. We are looking forward to returning to Kathmandu around March 17th, and we will be happy to share a photo report with you.

Prayer for good health and a good flight for all is especially appreciated.
More coming soon..

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