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Commitment and setting goals… what does it mean? 
In this guest blog by Joost Struijk of Discipline Sports you read more…

This morning my alarm went at 04:30. It was time to go and workout. “At this hour already?!!” was my first thought followed by “lets go!!!” I hear you thinking: why would you train so early? Because it’s a mental challenge, it’s uncomfortable and so I challenge myself physically and mentally. I do this because I also ask my trainees. Everyone who works with us has a personal purpose, and for most people, achieving it is a physical and mental challenge. It’s uncomfortable, otherwise no progress will be made.

A goal must also be concrete. “I want to feel better,” is not measurable and not concrete. Your feelings can vary day by day. Wanting to run ten kilometers is concrete. There must also be some time pressure on your goal. If you want to be two kilos lighter at the end of 2017, you’re not going to get started now, but to lose two kilograms this week, you’ll have to change your lifestyle instantly. Finally, your goal should also be interesting for the long term. If it fails, there is no longer any willingness to do the job and the result is lost. For example, to lose eight pounds, you need less food and you need to exercise a lot. In order not to fall back, you will have to set a new goal. Distributing a bigger goal in weekly and monthly goals keeps you sharp.

Must versus commitment

“But I already ‘have to do’ so much,” I hear people often say. I then ask them to think about what they all need and what those things give them. We mainly do things that feel comfortable. Lose weight, exercise, change your lifestyle, feel uncomfortable. As we step out of our safe zone, we often show apostasy and apologize. But to achieve something, sometimes you will have to do not so fun things (commitment). It’s the only way to get where you want to be.

Ask yourself what is valuable to you. What would you like to change or improve? A better condition? More energy? What are you doing now? Whatever it is, the right time to start is now!

Wendy has entered into a commitment and after six months intensive guidance from Mark Flemming, Joost’s colleague at Discipline Sports has achieved a lot of goals and is still not regretting one bit one year later! 16 kg’s lighter, committed, sporty, more focused and feeling so well. Do you want to change something? Then investing in a coach is a first good step: contact them.

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  1. Annelotte
    Annelotte says:

    Zo waar! Leuk geschreven Wendy, maar of ik ook zo vroeg me wekker ga zetten, dat betwijfel ik. Maar volhouden en jezelf pushen naar je goal, wat ook betekent uit je comfort zone treden, daar sluit ik me helemaal bij aan!
    You Go girl ??

    • Willem & Wendy van Amerongen
      Willem & Wendy van Amerongen says:

      Thanks Annelotte! Leuk dat je reageert! In dit geval is het geschreven door Joost, een van de trainers bij Discipline Sports. Ik zet ‘m zelf ook iets later en ben het helemaal met je eens: het is vooral belangrijk uit je comfortzone te stappen en jezelf te pushen..


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