Behind the scenes - afspraak bij de Kamer van Koophandel gemaakt

Behind the scenes. – The last week before we go back to the Netherlands has arrived. This means: a lot of handovers and here and there some last minute stress. But it also means: looking forward to what is to come. Especially the holiday at the moment: – rest – walking – enjoying each other – and more rest. And secretly we are already preparing for our own company during the weekends. Bit by bit we will share more with you.

What are we doing?

What is involved in setting up our own business? Willem and I have made a whole schedule with actions. This states what we all need to think about and the steps that need to be taken. Of course, we first brainstorm about what we are going to do exactly, what our goal is and how we will make a difference. We determine our target group and find out what is really needed and how we can respond to this. We have many conversations at different inspiring locations … What a privilege!

Behind the scenes - vele brainstormgesprekken op veel inspirerende plekken.

Name, logo and branding

All these ideas may also be put on paper or online…: Website, brochure, e-mail. Our target group must know what they will choose, even if they do not yet know us personally! Of course we also think about the name of our company. We will release the name in February. And about who can bring that into shape by coming up with a logo. Meanwhile we have had a lot of wonderful responses from great designers. It will be difficult to choose, but next week we will make a decision! It will be difficult that we have to disappoint some designers, but their wonderful work will be noticed by someone else. We will probably fill in part of the branding as well, because I think it’s way too much fun to play around with Adobe Spark and Lightroom and so on. Hobby-time! Our talented cousin Joel will take care of the website again with his company Succeswebsites, because with this website he has delivered top-work.

On schedule and arranged…

√ Appointment registration into the Netherlands / Nijkerk again.
√ Buy a car
√ Appointment accountant
√ Complete registration form Chamber of Commerce
√ Holidays booked
√ Appointment registration Chamber of Commerce
√ Appointment for opening new bank account
And much more…

Exciting and fun at the same time! We are looking forward to it!

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