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Back home in Nepal again!

Namaste! We are almost a week back home again after an amazing holiday in the Netherlands, a month seems long, but time flew by. We stayed on the farm of John & Marieke in Nijkerk with fantastic landscapes, cosy seats en a happy bunch of animals surrounding us. Our gratitude is massive.. We have enjoyed all […]

You are wonderful!

‘Change’ is a topic that keeps coming back to me in the last period. Since a long time, I have a strong interest in change management because everywhere time is moving on and we all change as human beings and as organisations. Sometimes known and unknown. Within organizations, many projects are being launched that should […]

Workout routine & discipline

Today we had a wonderful workout at the The Pump; One of the trainers Tony Prajapati said: ‘You guys become better every time, because you keep the routine!’ Persevere People regularly ask us how we keep to it, how we persevere. Then the only answer is: discipline, commitment and results. Somehow we all know this already, but thanks to Discipline […]

Commitment and goals

Commitment and setting goals… what does it mean?  In this guest blog by Joost Struijk of Discipline Sports you read more… This morning my alarm went at 04:30. It was time to go and workout. “At this hour already?!!” was my first thought followed by “lets go!!!” I hear you thinking: why would you train so early? Because it’s a […]

A bit more…

A bit more about our daily life in Kathmandu. I still remember the moment Wendy and I said to each other: ‘We are already going for a break in six months to our second home in The Netherlands, time flies’. Now its four months later and I can only affirm it. Meanwhile we are living […]