Prayer. A lot of people are praying for the situation of the Rohingya and I’m thankful for that. A friend sent me this prayer for those who bear witness. It brought me to tears and it helps me in my journey of bearing witness and I will print it and read it more often – by publishing this I hope it helps you too on your journey. The writer is unknown to me, so I cannot give credit – but if you know the writer, please let me know! Read more about how I beard witness? Find one story here.

Prayer is much needed if the camp is so overwhelmingly big - Alan and Gaby doing a nutrition assessment in Kutupalong Rohingya extension refugee campA Prayer for those who bear witness

Kind Father, thank you for commissioning me into this ministry of disciplined remembrance.
I have answered your invitation today.
Even as you left the light of heaven to swell in the darkness of earth, I have followed you deliberately into stories of oppression and misery the details of which most people would desire to remain ignorant.

I have seen with my eyes, heard with my ears, touched with my hands, a kind of suffering and despair that is more than my humanity can bear.
Oh God of Light: By your mercy, dispel this darkness and speed the dawn.
At the close of this day, I leave all that I have seen and heard in your gently hands. May those whose lives lie at the centre of these stories remain in your watchful, tender care.
Receive especially these images that cling to my heart, soul, and mind.

Instruction: Call to mine, one by one, any particularly troubling things you have seen or heard. Leave them in the presence of God. It may be helpful to use a physical gesture, such as placing your palms upward with your fists clenched as you call each image to mind, then, as you release each image to God, open your hands. Repeat as God brings images to mind.

Lift from me the burden of sadness, fear, and despair that weighs me down because of my work today. Where the evidence of violence and oppression has tempted me to anger, lust, or hopelessness, fill me instead with your joy, love, and peace. Where I have been tempted to discount evidence of justice, healing, and restoration, allow me to more fully dwell on the reality of redemption.

In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
I step now out of darkness and into light –
acknowledging that in you there is no darkness at all.
I step now out of work and into rest –
acknowledging that you neither slumber nor sleep.
Renew me with your power, your love, and your joy.
In the strong name of Jesus,

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